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Nitrogods "Nitrogods" CD
Label SPV
Release date 2012
Style Hard Rock
Country Saksamaa
Price: 16.99 EUR


1. Black Car Driving Man
2. Demolition Inc. [MySpace]
3. At Least I┬┤m Drunk
4. Gasoline
5. Whiskey Wonderland (feat. Dan McCafferty)
6. Licence To Play Loud
7. Lipsynch Stars
8. The Devil Dealt The Deck
9. Rifle Down
10. Riptide
11. Wasted In Berlin (feat. Fast Eddie Clarke)
12. Zombietrain

Length: 38:12

No more endless studio fakes, sound samples, artificial drum overdubs and computer-controlled corrections of suboptimal lead vocals. The time has come to return to the true values of rock music, namely honesty, solid craftsmanship and real lifeblood. To cut a long story short: the time has come for Nitrogods and down-to-earth no-bullshit rock┬┤n┬┤roll!

"Nitrogods" features guest appearances by Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty and ex-Mot├Ârhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke.

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