Nightwish - Imaginaerum - The Score

Nightwish "Imaginaerum - The Score" CD

Label: Scene Nation
Released: 2012
Style: Symphonic Power Metal
Country: Finland


1. Find Your Story
2. Orphanage Airlines
3. Undertow
4. Spying in the Doorway
5. A Crackling Sphere
6. Sundown
7. Wonderfields
8. Hey Buddy
9. Deeper Down
10. Dare to Enter
11. I Have to Let You Go
12. Heart Lying Still
13. From G to E Minor

Length: 53:36


The official soundtrack of the movie "Imaginaerum", featuring 13 grandiose, unreleased re-interpretations of "Imaginaerum" album tracks by Petri Alanko.


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