Necromandus - Necrothology

Necromandus "Necrothology" CD

Label: Audio Archives
Released: 1998
Style: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Intro
2. Curly Sea Slug (live)
3. Nightjar (long version)
4. Orexis of Death
5. I´ve Been Evil
6. A Black Solitude
7. Still Born Beauty
8. Gypsy Dancer
9. Homicidal Psychopath
10. Orexis of Death (unreleased version)
11. Mogidisimo
12. Nightjar (tribute to Necromandus)



Definitive anthology of Necromandus, produced by Black Sabbath´s Tony Iommi. Includes previously unreleased tracks, live material, different versions and a special tribute track.


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