Necromandus - Orexis Of Death Plus...

Necromandus "Orexis Of Death Plus..." CD

Label: Audio Archives
Released: 2005
Style: Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Judy Green
2. Mogidismo
3. Nightjar
4. A Black Solitude
5. Homicidal Psychopath
6. Stillborn Beauty
7. Gypsy Dancer
8. Orexis Of Death
9. Mogidisimo (Reprise)
10. Judy Green Rocket (Live, previously unreleased)



Newly remastered edition of the aborted legendary album originally planned for 1972 release. Necromandus´ sole album was produced by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath who were also their main influence. This version comes with two bonus tracks and extensive liner notes with comments by Iommi himself.


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