Must Missa - The Target Of Hate

Must Missa "The Target Of Hate" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2005
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Madness Reigns
2. The Scapegoat
3. You Filthy Pig [MP3]
4. Holy Disease
5. Human Target [MP3]
6. Pure Fuckin´ Hate
7. Overloaded Maniac
8. Our Future Is Black

Length: 31:20


The 2005 album by the power-trio Must Missa puts most of the bands following the old school thrash metal trend in their place. Eight adrenaline- and testosterone-drenched tracks make the album "The Target Of Hate" a true masterpiece that easily competes with the legends and won´t leave any metalhead unmoshing.


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