Tharaphita - Primeval Force

Tharaphita "Primeval Force" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2005
Style: Pagan/Black/Heavy Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Sorceress [MP3]
2. Primeval Force
3. Throne Of Bones
4. 10 000 eestlast [MP3]
5. Tongue Of Flame
6. Passing Into Anguish
7. Destroyer Of Soul
8. Manalateekond

Length: 41:13


As the years turn glades into woods and lakes into swamps, thus has the style of Tharaphita´s music changed over time. Yet everything that a decade ago made Tharaphita is still easily recognisable on their album "Primeval Force". The third release by Estonia´s oldest pagan metal band contains eight epic pieces of black/heavy metal with simple and catchy melodies.


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