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Sin:Decay, The "Rehabilitation" Digipak MCD
Label Nailboard
Release date 2007
Style Electronic/Goth/Industrial
Country Soome
Price: 7.99 EUR


1. We are all slaves [MySpace]
2. Deathlike addiction [MP3]
3. Cold dead skin
4. Celestial Revulsion [MP3]
5. Give it away
6. C7618K76

Length: 24:00

THE SIN:DECAY is an audiovisual collage compiled from silvery sounds, cold eclectic rhythm psychosis and elegant tunes, as well as crusty metal corrosion. it´s a luxurious and delectable hybrid - metathetic synthesis derived from mind-altering substances. no less than a delightful hexperience, which shall plague the world.

For fans of The Kovenant and Deathstars!

Metal Storm, 9/10
Heathen Harvest
Metal Team UK
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