Goresoerd - Goremarket Mid-Prices

Goresoerd "Goremarket Mid-Prices" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2007
Style: Goregrind
Country: Estonia


1. For Idiots All Over The World [MP3]
2. Have A Nice Fucking Day
3. Circle Of Masturbators
4. Sin You Are
5. Bitch Hard The Girls Squad
6. Ghosts From The Toilet
7. Dämneission
8. Dig The Romance
9. Goremarket Mid-Prices
10. Give Me Some Shit
11. B.O.M Fuckers
12. Wretched In Catwalk [MP3]
13. Pop Rock Cowboy [MP3]
14. Basemet Medic
15. Like Lingerie For Hardworker [MP3]
16. Ibm (Interrogated, Brutally Mutilated)
17. Three Of Us

Length: 24:00


Hailing from Estonia, GORESOERD are a new group of experienced local musicians. “Goremarket Mid-Prices” is their second recording with a whole new quality, filled with the devastating groovy brutality born in the proverbial land of Goregrind. Effectively combining this with touches of crust-hardcore madness and unbelieveably variable vocal lines, these 17 tracks won’t leave you anything but asking for more and gore!

Notes of parody and sick humour as well as the use of unconventional imagery embedded in the stunning artwork team up with the music to stress the band’s will to share their insane creation with other nihilistic headbangers around the world. Proudly presented by Naiboard Records, this is an extra hot pie straight from the ovens of Rockhouse Studio.


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