Metsatöll - Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218

Metsatöll "Terast mis hangund me hinge 10218" Digipak CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2005
Style: Folk Metal
Country: Eesti


1. Sissejuhatus
2. Veresulased
3. Hundiraev
4. Terasetuli
5. Mõõk
6. Terast mis hangund me hinge
7. Metsaviha 1 [MP3]
8. Metsaviha 2
9. Põhjatuulte pojad ja tütred
10. Oma laulu ei leia ma üles [MP3]

Length: 48:02


The songs on this disc were first recorded in 1999, when rage, frozen deep into the hearts of three young men, could no longer allow them letting their music, born in the freezing temperatures of their cellar rehearsal room, to glorify nothing but their own senses. Because of the scantity of means back then, this effort by Markus, Andrus and Silver remained a trifling yet enduring beacon in the landscape of Estonian metal.

Time gone by, musicians have changed, ideas have become more solid, possibilities increased, and these old tunes are now back in newfound glory, recorded in just the way they originally sounded in the minds of Metsatöll all these years ago.

„Terast mis hangund me hinge” (Steel Frozen In Our Souls) is about the experiences of ancient Estonians at the horizon of aeons, and about their fight for remaining themselves that has gone on from archaic times to the present, seen through the eyes of a faithful companion, the wolf. Not a moment of surrendering from beginning to the end. Steel frozen in our hearts, the might and skills of our forefathers, tears bursting of grandeur and not of sadness, all meet in the listener like a primeval vigour and a soul-embracing melody. It’s the feeling of togetherness that binds this work into a single whole, a single hilt in a clenched fist.


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