Loits - Must Album

Loits "Must Album" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2007
Style: Flak´n´Roll
Country: Estonia


1. Emaraud
2. Soomusronglase silmis
3. Suudelda neidu [MP3]
4. Kiri kaevikust
5. Ei kahetse midagi
6. Veealune valss
7. Peegli ees
8. Surmarestoran
9. Öölaul

Length: 43:40


Nearly three years have passed since the release of “Vere kutse kohustab”, but Loits have not left their guns rusting in the ditch. On Estonian Flag Day, June 4th, the long-awaited “Must album” (“Black album”), encompassing nine songs of unheard-of brilliance. The record is not unlike a picture album left behind by the grand-grandparents, documenting not only photographs, but also all the joy expereiced, as well as the tragedy of one small nation. “Must album” does not glorify the love for the fatherland or the soldier’s valour, not the beauty of life or the pain of grief, although the latter one acts like the cord that twines the songs together. The new Loits album is a gift of remembrance to those departed, serving also as a reminderto all that injustice never dies.


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