Loits - Must Album (Ltd.)

Loits "Must Album (Ltd.)" Cardboard 2CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2007
Style: Flak´n´Roll
Country: Estonia


CD 1: "Must album"
1. Emaraud
2. Soomusronglase silmis
3. Suudelda neidu
4. Kiri kaevikust
5. Ei kahetse midagi
6. Veealune valss
7. Peegli ees
8. Surmarestoran
9. Öölaul

CD 2: "Mustad laulud" MCD
1. Haavad uulitsal
2. Haige
3. Tankisõidulaul
4. Roim Repelis

Length: 43:40/18:37


The limited edition of “Must album” is a true bag of surprises to all friends of Loits. In addition the actual album, the neat cardboard package contains a cool sticker as well as six commemoratory cards. The main thing, though, is the bonus EP “Mustad laulud” (“Black songs”), containing four tunes that are of somewhat different cast, yet entirely delicious nevertheless. And as if this was not enough, it also includes a photo album, a newsreel movie about the “Must album” record and a “Monologue” balancing the overall tonality of the album, all launchable on a PC. Together with Loits you are strong!


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