Must Missa - Martyr Of Wrath

Must Missa "Martyr Of Wrath" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2007
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Devil´s Reject
2. Here To Destroy [MP3]
3. Regret Or Deny
4. Martyr Of Wrath [MP3]
5. Blackened Thrasher Hordes
6. Fanatic Possession
7. Thirsty And Mad
8. Hallowed Be Thy Whip

Length: 34:32


“Martyr Of Wrath”, the third album by Must Missa, continues to cauterize the name of the band into the hearts of all the hate-filled citizens who hold dear their spikes, axes, chains, boiling iron and garish irony seasoned in a mixture of raw alcohol and mansweat. The eight blood-and-metal-drenched tracks by the prominent trio of Estonian thrash overflow with speed, precision and borderline-religious respect towards old school. The blackened hordes are ready for battle, a new war has been declared and the sentinels of christianity are once more entitled to bitch and moan. Obtain the devilish disk today or prepare to be instantly incinerated!


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