Nitrous - Outlaw Racer

Nitrous "Outlaw Racer" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2008
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Estonia


1. When the Devil Drives
2. Summons to Hephaestus
3. We Ride at Dawn
4. Outlaw Racer
5. Locked in the Dyno Room
6. Burning Up the Pavement
7. Aural Pain Threshold
8. Servitor
9. Crash and Burn
10. Black Cargo Cult [MP3]
11. Core (of Molten Fire)

Length: 37:12


Relentless, intense, intelligent — the sophomore output by Nitrous, entitled “Outlaw Racer”, represents the huge leap the band has taken towards brilliance in both composition and lyrics after the 2006 debut, while staying true to the rugged, no-holds-barred aesthetics of traditional thrash metal as well as the passion for extreme machineries. The world’s first and foremost drag racing thrash band has grown darker, fiercer and less predictable, which tracks like “Black Cargo Cult”, “Core of Molten Fire” and “Summons to Hephaestus” clearly demonstrate.

Guest vocals: Kaido "Draconic" Haavandi (Manatark a.o.) on track 10. Pille Rand (Human Ground) and Mari-Liis "Kurimari" Jakobson (Morigan) on track 8.

Take a hit of Nitrous, go outlaw now!


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