Manatark - Viimanegi Veri

Manatark "Viimanegi Veri" Digipak CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2000/2006
Style: Technical Pagan/Black Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Ärkamine
2. Viimanegi Veri
3. Rääkigem Reetureist
4. Lambad
5. Vahk
6. Täheudu
7. Meelepett [MP3]
8. Uhkusest ja Veretasust
9. Uinumine

Length: 35:48


The second title in the Nailboard Records ‘Gems from Estonian Metal Vault’ series. One of the releases chrestomathic to Estonian metal, the Manatark debut album that has for a long time been pretty much unattainable, has now been digitally remastered and packaged in the stylish digipak format. For those not at home with the doings of Manatark: this release features slightly psychedelic and technical black metal sung in Estonian, glorifying paganism and contemplative in the unique Manatark manner.


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