Smõuk - Tere tulemast koju

Smõuk "Tere tulemast koju" Digipak CD

Label: Nailboard Records
Released: 27.07.2009
Style: Psychedelic Stoner/Hard Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Veider tubakas [MP3]
2. Elav tuli
3. Külvaja
4. Roheline planeet
5. Hommik
6. Kivikuningas [MP3]
7. Torm

Length: 58:59


There’s Smoke rising from Tartu, Estonia’s spiritual capital — the band Smõuk, playing psychedelic and entirely petrifying hard rock have completed their debut album “Tere tulemast koju” (“Welcome Home”), a kind of a monument to a certain way of thinking, a certain view of the world, channelled equally well by the hazy, shamanistic guitar riffs as by the incisive and warm lyrics, by both the bestially wailing solo improvisations as well as the thick, expectant atmosphere. Smõuk’s debut album is a therapy session, allowing for an hour’s respite from the stress-laden reality while providing the listener with the feeling of being a fully enfranchised citizen of the Universe. Pre-clinical tests on rats and the bohemians of Tallinn have proven beyond doubt that Smõuk definitely cures the blues.


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