Tharaphita - Raev / Kui varjud põlevad

Tharaphita "Raev / Kui varjud põlevad" Digipak CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2009
Style: Pagan/Heavy/Black Metal
Country: Estonia


"Raev" (1998)
1. Raev
2. Sündinud tules
3. Merekurat [MP3]
4. Allpool lund ja jääd
5. Tagasi pimedasse metsa
6. Tumedam kui taevas täis on ronki

"Kui varjud põlevad" (1996)
7. Allpool lund ja jääd
8. Merekurat
9. Tagasi pimedasse metsa
10. Demon´s Night

Length: 55:40


Nothing is forgotten; nothing ever will be! From the darkened depths of the past, "Raev", the debut album of the Estonian pagan/black-metal forerunners Tharaphita, is called forth once again. The album, first released already 11 bleak, long years ago, became one of the most important milestones of the whole Estonian extreme metal music, and continues to affect the scene to this very day. Now the rustling tape albums of "Raev" can finally be shelved in their rightful place in your archives, and the obsolete CD-R-s disposed of — in the beginning of November, Nailboard Records will release a luxurious digipak CD with an added bonus of the legendary four-track demo "Kui varjud põlevad" from 1996!

"Gems From Estonian Metal Vault" series


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