East Trading Wang - Favela. Yayo. Caipirinha.

East Trading Wang "Favela. Yayo. Caipirinha." CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2005
Style: Punk/Grunge/Metal
Country: Estonia


1. No Way
2. Bad Brains
3. Freakadell
4. The Follower
5. Fire in the Hole [MP3]
6. Seven Days
7. Free
8. Mikromirror
9. Zombie Lives
10. Voiceover
11. Dark Side

Length: 35:38


Be forewarned! The high quality, high octane mixture of melodic punk, grunge and metal fuelling "Favela. Yayo. Caipirinha." will push your eyebrows all the way over to the back of your neck. Life starts at 250 km/h.


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