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Goresoerd "Tüdruk ja Surm" Digipak CD
Label Nailboard
Release date 2010
Style Grindcore/Death Metal
Country Eesti
Price: 9.99 EUR


1. Hellõuiin
2. Hauakivid [MP3]
3. Elujooks
4. Göölfrend ootab bussi
5. Tappev töö [MP3]
6. Tüdruk ja Surm
7. Surm ka ei tea
8. Kontmees
9. Kui Surm kannab valget [MP3]
10. Monogaam
11. Vaid meie kolm
12. Lõppvaatus
13. Surmakutsar

Length: 30:40

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The wickedest Estonian metal band is back with an all-new, full-length, all-Estonian album “Tüdruk ja Surm” (“Maiden and Death”). Backed by an unerring sense of hit-worthiness and the solid punch delivered in the lyrics by the legendary Sven Kivisildnik, Goresoerd, having been excessively pumping their collective muscle for a while, are now wandering through a miniature world in which cross the paths of a Maiden and of Death — resulting in a bizarre “rock opera” involving lethally precise death metal riffing, catchy melodic soloing and violent, varied vocal hooks, wherein all possible borders between the real and the grotesque come down in a sickly bout of gallows-humour.

Heavy metal maims and kills!

The album features guest vocal performances by Kaarel “Kozy” Kose (“Kui Surm kannab Valget” / “When Death Wears White”) and Kaido “Draconic” Haavandi (“Göölfrend ootab bussi” / “The Girlfriend Waits for the Bus”).

Recorded in 2009 at Studio Rockhouse by Meelis Tauk, mixed and mastered by Kristo Kotkas at Studio Sinusoid.

Goresoerd are:
Eero ”Nagy” Soomere – vocals
Stig Lindeberg – guitar / vocals
Martin Lepalaan – bass
Meelis Tauk – guitar
Ken Takmazjan - drums

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