Nihilistikrypt - Psykhosis

Nihilistikrypt "Psykhosis" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2011
Style: Death Metal
Country: Estonia


1. TheRapist [MP3]
2. Amateur Surgeon
3. Fleshmaker [MP3]
4. C.O.D.: Autopsy
5. Extraterrestrial Consumption
6. Rotting From Within
7. Perpetum Cruoris
8. Hydrogenic Mutants
9. Sane Insanity
10. Mental Breakdown

Length: 33:00


Eagerly continuing to stoke the fires of death metal that ushered in the current year, Nailboard Records is proud (and also a tad scared) to present the debut full-length album “Psykhosis” by the lunatic group of deathsters Nihilistikrypt.

The mentally unstable foursome, active since 2004, have taken it upon themselves to force all of their hatred and insanity of past few years onto one sharp-edged disc. The album contains 10 tracks appropriately dripping with death-metallic mania, blood, madness and corpses. The music of Nihilistikrypt merges the new with the old school; one won’t find pleasant melodies here, but the album still offers loads of fast, relentless, technical instrumentation, hair-trigger changeovers, dynamic rhythm variations, menacing vocals and tasteful special effects.

Escape reality, delve into Psykhosis!


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