Nitrous - Dominant Force

Nitrous "Dominant Force" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2006
Style: Drag Race Thrash Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Torque Monster
2. Activation
3. Precautions
4. Pro Mod Action
5. Fuel System Alert
6. 1/4 Mile
7. Dominant Force
8. Tension
9. Rolling Chassis
10. Trial And Error
11. Brain Of the Engine

Length: 42:53


The debut by Nitrous, while strongly smelling of gasoline and nitrous oxide, delivers wild rhytms, vicious soloing, relentless bass onslaughts, breathtaking drum bombardments and mercilessly raw vocals working as an additional rhytm instrument. Led by the champion drag racer Lauri Kuriks (guitar), the band incorporates the unfathomable appeal of ultra-powerful mechanics, the suffocating enchantment of superhuman speeds and the enlightening effects of sound barrages that challenge human aural endurance into a one-of-a-kind thrash metal revelation. Warning! May induce sudden weight-gain in the right leg when listened while driving a motorized vehicle!


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