Human Ground - Human Ground

Human Ground "Human Ground" Digipak CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2005
Style: Modern Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Read Betweem The Bones [MP3]
2. Distorted Horizon
2. Waiting
3. Down To The Roots
4. Evening [MP3]
5. Wrath Of Ages
6. The Black RainbowT
7. Wars Won´t
8. Carrier Of The Remains
9. Can A Prophet Be Wrong
10. Human Ground
11. Giving A Finger
12. Love Song

Length: 47:17


"Human Ground means nothing more or less than uncompromising and high-quality mix between old-school death/thrash metal feel and modern sounds. The whole material is like a crushing hammer; it will hit you, and hit you pretty hard.

Would you believe that their singstress Pille just recently turned 17? Listen to the self-titled album of Human Ground and think about that!"


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