Must Missa - Pure Hate

Must Missa "Pure Hate" 7" EP

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2006
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal
Country: Estonia


Side Pure:
1. Pure Hate
(taken from "The Target Of Hate" recording session, 2005; Estonian language special)

Side Hate:
2. Heavy Metal Bastard
(taken from "Goat Of Sin" promo, 2004.)
3. Overloaded Maniac
(taken from "The Target Of Hate" pre-recorded demo, 2005)

Length: 10:17


Finally we have in our sweaty and shaking hands the first vinyl release for both Must Missa as well as Nailboard Records that was initially supposed to be released on the Date of the Beast. On this beuatifully designed disc you´ll find three previously unreleased Must Missa tracks with good sound quality, each recorded in a different studio and possessing a different sound and atmosphere. Thus the EP "Pure Hate" gives a pretty good overview of the band´s creative quests predating the "The Target Of Hate" album and is a sweet treat to all the maniacs into Must Missa and why not those into thrash metal worldwide. After all, the release is officially dedicated to the latter!

Long live the madness!!!

The "Pure Hate" 7" EP is a limited edition release; only 666 copies were pressed.

Track 1 "Pure Hate" recorded, mixed and mastered March–April ´05 at No-Big-Silence studio by Kristo Kotkas.
Track 2 "Heavy Metal Bastard" recorded in January ´04 at Music Works Studio by Arne Holm. Vocals by Berg (Ohvrikivi, ex-Must Missa)
Track 3 "Overloaded Maniac" recorded in February ´05 at Music Works Studio by Arne Holm.


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