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New vinyls from Peaceville and K-Scope
Autopsy "Critical Madness: The Demo Years" LP 2018 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Autopsy "Puncturing The Grotesque" LP 2017 (Peaceville) 17.99 EUR buy
Autopsy / Bloodbath "Autopsy vs Bloodbath" 7" EP 2017 (Peaceville) 9.99 EUR buy
Candlemass "Chapter VI" LP 1993/2014 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Candlemass "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" Gatefold LP 1986/2010 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Candlemass "Nightfall" Gatefold LP 1987/2010 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Darkthrone "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" LP 1992/2012 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Darkthrone "Soulside Journey" LP 1991/2012 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Darkthrone "The Cult Is Alive" Gatefold LP 2006/2013 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Darkthrone "The Underground Resistance" Gatefold LP 2013 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Darkthrone "The Wind of 666 Black Hearts" Gatefold 2LP 2016 (Peaceville) 24.99 EUR buy
Katatonia "Brave Murder Day" LP 1996/2012 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Katatonia "Dance Of December Souls" Gatefold 2LP 1993/2014 (Peaceville) 24.99 EUR buy
Katatonia "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" Gatefold 2LP 2001/2016 (Peaceville) 24.99 EUR buy
Katatonia "Tonight┬┤s Decision" Gatefold 2LP 1999/2015 (Peaceville) 24.99 EUR buy
Katatonia "Viva Emptiness (10th Anniversary Edition)" Gatefold 2LP 2003/2013 (Peaceville) 24.99 EUR buy
Morta Skuld "For All Eternity" LP 1995/2017 (Peaceville) 19.99 EUR buy
Porcupine Tree "Stupid Dream" Gatefold 2LP 1999/2013 (K-Scope) 24.99 EUR buy
Porcupine Tree "Up The Downstairs" Gatefold 2LP 1993/2017 (K-Scope) 24.99 EUR buy
W.A.S.P. "The Crimson Idol" LP 1992/2012 (Madfish) 19.99 EUR buy