Orphaned Land & Amaseffer - Kna´an (Special Edition)

Orphaned Land & Amaseffer "Kna´an (Special Edition)" Digipak CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2016
Style: Middle Eastern Folk Metal
Country: Israel


1. The Holy Land of Kna´an
2. The Angel of the Lord
3. Naked - Sarah and Abraham
4. The Burning Garden - Sarah and Hagar
5. Naked - Abraham
6. A Tree Without No Fruit - Sarah
7. There Is No God for Ishma´el
8. The Vision
9. A Dove Without Her Wings - Hagar
10. The Loneliness of Itzhak
11. Akeda
12. Fruits from Different Trees - Ishma´el and Itzhak
13. Prisoners of the Past



Kahe Iisraeli metalbändi Orphaned Landi ja Amasefferi koostöös sündinud "Kna´an" kujutab endast metalli valatud versiooni 2014. aasta teatritükist "Kanaan - Die Geschichte des Abraham".


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