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Oldfield, Mike "Crises (Deluxe Edition)" Digipak 2CD
Label Mercury
Release date 1983/2013
Style Progressive/Pop Rock
Country Suurbritannia
Price: 9.99 EUR


CD 1 - the original album (remastered):
1. Crises
2. Moonlight Shadow
3. In High Places
4. Foreign Affair
5. Taurus 3
6. Shadow On The Wall

7. Moonlight Shadow
8. Shadow On The Wall
9. Mistake
10. Crime Of Passion
11. Jungle Gardenia
12. Moonlight Shadow
13. Shadow On The Wall

CD 2 - Live At Wembley Arena 22nd July 1983:
1. Taurus I
2. Taurus II
3. Crises
4. Moonlight Shadow
5. Shadow On The Wall
6. Family Man

Length: 37:41 + bonus

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The eighth record album by Mike Oldfield, released in 1983. Oldfield┬┤s well-known hits "Moonlight Shadow" and "Shadow on the Wall" appear on the album.

2CD Deluxe Edition (album CD and live CD).

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