Octagon - Artisans Of Cruelty

Octagon "Artisans Of Cruelty" CD

Label: Autopsy Kitchen
Released: 2005
Style: Black Metal
Country: USA


1. With Hate
2. Teachings In Cruelty
3. Black Leather Mask (The Spear Headed Avenger)
4. Psychotic Erotic
5. The Error That You Are
6. Spike Swallower
7. Futuristic Sadistic
8. Premeditation
9. Chloroform
10. Thornscar Rebuttal

Length: 31:42


US black metal misogynists Octagon unleashed their debut release "Artisans Of Cruelty" in 2005. A sprawling concept album bleeding misogyny, sadomasochism, anger, pain and strife. 10 tales of depravity that will leave the listener with a deep sense of unease. Agonizing listening for depraved minds.


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