Obsessed, The - Lunar Womb

Obsessed, The "Lunar Womb" CD

Label: Meteor City
Released: 1991/2006
Style: Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. Brother blue steel
2. Bardo
3. Hiding Mask
4. Spew
5. Kachina
6. Jaded
7. Back to zero
8. No blame
9. No mas
10. Endless circle
11. Lunar womb
12. Embryo

Length: 41:01


The Obsessed´s second album, originally released in 1991, is a doom metal classic. Featuring future Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder, the Wino-fronted trio unleashes song after song of riff-laden authority. This Meteor City reissue includes complete lyrics, photos from the era and liner notes.


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