Obtest - Is Kartos I Karta (Ltd.)

Obtest "Is Kartos I Karta (Ltd.)" A5 Digibook CD

Label: Ledo Takas
Released: 2005
Style: Pagan Metal
Country: Lithuania


1. Paskutinë Akimirka
2. Devyniaragis
3. Iš Kartos Á Kartà
4. Pergalë
5. Griausmavaldys
6. Audronaša
7. Burtai
8. Pirmyn!
9. Suminti Juodi Takai

Length: 43:29


Third full length album brings forth yet unheard catchiness of heathen war heavy metal, limited A5 photoalbum edition with an own design, unique state of art photographies, hard covers & 24 pages booklet, binded as a book.


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