Obscene Eulogy - Defining Hate: The Truth Undead

Obscene Eulogy "Defining Hate: The Truth Undead" CD

Label: Baphomet
Released: 2004
Style: Death/Black Metal
Country: Canada


1. Defining Hate
2. Jyrsikää Kyrpää
3. Lehmänsilmät
4. Elämälle Kiitos
5. Kuolleen Vitun Himo
6. Reflection of the Dead
7. Itsemurhana Ratkaisu
8. Helvettiin
9. Mortem Paradise

Length: 35:55


Obscene Eulogy is a project designed to create the essence of pure horror through the medium of black/death metal with Mika Luttinen (Impaled Nazarene) on vocals. The album features also a track with Necrophagia´s Killjoy on vocals and Wilska from Finntroll providing back up vocals on another track.


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