One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Error in Evolution

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet "Error in Evolution" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2007
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Mine for the Taking
2. Knights in Satan´s Service
3. Such a Sick Boy
4. The Supreme Butcher
5. The Sun Never Shines
6. See Them Burn
7. Nightmare in Ashes and Blood
8. He´s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (Alice Cooper cover)
9. Heaven Knows No Pain
10. Hail the King

Length: 39:51


One Man Army´s "Error In Evolution" is ten tracks of thrashing death metal madness, faster than the last record, deadlier than the grim reaper himself. It’s got a roaring drum sound, crunchy guitars, double bass-layers, attacking riffs, sawing bass line, creepy atmosphere and the powerful voice of Johan Lindstrand (ex-The Crown).


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