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Octinomos "On The Demiurge" CD
Label Fullmoon Productions
Release date 1995
Style Melodic Black Metal
Country Rootsi
Price: 11.49 EUR


1. The Ground Shall Sorrow Be
2. Slaves
3. Awaiting the Ungod [MySpace]
4. Into the Shadows
5. Beyond Salvation
6. As All Is Lost
7. On the Demiurge
8. Moribound World
9. Star of the Apocalypse
10. Les Nuit Fauvres

Length: 58:57

Fast and melodic swedish black metal. Octinomos is another brainchild of Frederik Sƶderlund (Puissance, Parnassus, Algaion etc).

Magnus Karlsson

Very fast, very primitive black metal from Sweden. Really good too due to good material although the sound could have been better. Lousy drummer but fast as hell (drum machine? yes I think it is). The music is so primitive, itĀ“s original. I would call it Satanic Speed metal which puts it in the same category as Nifelheim, but this has better sound and possibly better material. ItĀ“s also even more straight on forward then them. Then abruptly in the middle thereĀ“s two good harmonic keyboard tracks which makes it easier to listen to. ItĀ“s definitely worth checking out if you like extremer stuff. It seems as I got my hands on a promo example or something like that because mine is self titled but has the same cover but with a uglier logo. This makes me wonder, is the sound as brutal on the real album and does it have the same sound error on the penultimate song? (It suddenly changes to a higher key) (Question: Is this the ugliest cover in black metal history or what?)
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