Ozzy Osbourne - Scream

Ozzy Osbourne "Scream" CD

Label: Sony Music
Released: 2010
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom/USA


1. Let It Die
2. Let Me Hear You Scream
3. Soul Sucker
4. Life Won´t Wait
5. Diggin´ Me Down
6. Crucify
7. Fearless
8. Time
9. I Want It More
10. Latimer´s Mercy
11. I Love You All

Length: 49:12


Ozzy´s "Scream" - his first album in three years and 10th studio album overall!

"Scream" was produced by Ozzy and Kevin Churko, both of whom did the same honors for Ozzy’s 2007 worldwide million-selling album "Black Rain". The multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer recorded most of the album at his Los Angeles home studio, The Bunker, and co-wrote all the songs, primarily with Churko. Notably, the album marks the first appearance of Ozzy’s new guitar player, Gus G. Ozzy’s band also features bassist Blasko, drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboardist Adam Wakeman.


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