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Overkill "Devil By The Tail" Digipak 2CD
Label Membran Ambitions
Release date 2005
Style Thrash Metal
Country USA
Price: 7.99 EUR


CD 1: "Killbox 13"
1. Devil by the Tail
2. Damned
3. No Lights
4. The One
5. Crystal Clear
6. The Sound of Dying
7. Until I Die
8. Struck Down
9. Unholy
10. I Rise
11. Necroshine
12. Thunderhead

CD 2: "Wrecking Everything - Live"
1. E.vil N.ever D.ies
2. Deny the Cross
3. I Hate
4. Shred
5. Bleed Me
6. Long Time Dyin´
7. It Lives
8. Battle
9. The Years of Decay
10. In Union We Stand
11. Overkill

Length: 02:01:14

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A compilation album collecting two previous CDs from US thrash legends Overkill. Disc 1 contains the 2003 album "Killbox 13" while the second album contains "Wrecking Everything - Live".

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