Obtest - Gyvybes Medis

Obtest "Gyvybes Medis" Digipak CD

Label: Osmose
Released: 2008
Style: Melodic Pagan/Heavy Metal
Country: Lithuania


1. Apeigos / Rites
2. Vedlys / Guide
3. Ðviesa / The Light
4. Gyvybës Medis / Tree Of Life
5. Sakalo Vaikai / Children Of The Hawk
6. Àþuolas / Oak
7. Geleþinis Vilkas / The Wolf Of Steel
8. Tai Ne Pabaiga / This Is Not The End
9. Ákaitai / Hostages

Length: 44:00


Pagan metal heralds bear the Lithuanian flag forth! Presumedly the finest Obtest album to date, where archaic melodics harmoniously intertwine with powerful metallic production, chorus singing and crazy solos, where every song gushes like a particular musical etude, comprising alltogether the mythological Tree of Life.


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