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Psychoparadox "Through The Labyrinths Of Sleeping Galaxy" CD
Label Rock Express
Release date 1997/2003
Style Atmospheric Death Metal
Country Serbia
Price: 11.49 EUR


1. Like a Forever Reanimated Flame
2. Words are Cold
3. The Sky Invites Me
4. The Silence Will Keep on Lasting
5. Where the Sun is Just a Star
6. Disappearing Time Dream
7. My Battle. My Life
8. In My Darkest Dream
9. Through the Land of Honour
10. The Ancestors of the Moon
11. The Silence Will Keep on Lasting (alternative version)

Length: 45:18

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Atmospheric and technical death metal. The re-issue of Psychoparadox´s 1997´s studio album.

Encyclopaedia Metallum

First: that is some great cover artwork! Ok, now...

This was Psychoparadox’ first proper album (or second if you count „...And Your Life Is Just Another Dream“ which is basically a collection of demos). The youth of the band shows in places mostly in composition which is often fragmented (more on that later) and in the vocals which are good, often great, but still not fully (biologically) matured which results in their relative thinness. Playing is exceptional, though, as, even this early in the game, the skill of these musicians was on a level dreamed by many.

The style presented here can roughly be placed within the black/death tag, although Psychoparadox leans towards none particulary, and actually brings something new to the genre. Even though composition is fragmented as mentioned above, this work on the whole nonetheless achives a good sense of flow thanks to well written individual parts of each song. Most songs will start with a few standard although well performed black and death riffs (sometimes closer to speed metal) but as they progress the listener is greeted with some exceptional neoclassical riffs and passages. This is where Psychoparadox truly excell, in writing those riffs that develop the course of each song here. Harmonies used here are rather unique, at least to my ears, as I’ve never heard a band that uses similar harmonic solutions. The weight of this work is mostly contained in these parts of the songs. Soloist work is tasteful, and solo passages are rather well placed. Clean guitar work presented here in two instrumental pieces and some intros and interludes is classically inspired, while „My Battle, My Life“ sports a healthy and non-vulgar folk influence stripped of banality and infused masterfully. The playing on those pieces can at times be somewhat overexcessive, but overall these acoustic parts rather enhance the overall feel of the songs.

Occaisonal spoken-word and „clean“-sung passages are comical or tolerable, depending on your mood. Even though the melodies sung in this fashion are uplifting, these distract rather than enhance the listening experience (the effect being caused by vocals being too upfront in the mix, I gues). Lyrics are naive, written in bad english and the desired effect is often missed since they are highly abstract (there are a few worthy moments there too, mind you).

The production somewhat hurts this rather strong material, but not overwhelmingly so. This album from 1996 was a welcome addition to the genre and presented a step in an interesting direction proving that even though there was not much space for innovation, there was plenty of room for refinement, and these guys pulled it off with vigor and determination.
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