Psychoparadox - Through The Labyrinths Of Sleeping Galaxy

Psychoparadox "Through The Labyrinths Of Sleeping Galaxy" CD

Label: Rock Express
Released: 1997/2003
Style: Atmospheric Death Metal
Country: Serbia


1. Like a Forever Reanimated Flame
2. Words are Cold
3. The Sky Invites Me
4. The Silence Will Keep on Lasting
5. Where the Sun is Just a Star
6. Disappearing Time Dream
7. My Battle. My Life
8. In My Darkest Dream
9. Through the Land of Honour
10. The Ancestors of the Moon
11. The Silence Will Keep on Lasting (alternative version)



Atmosfäärne ja tehniline death-metal ühelt endise Jugoslaavia legendaarsemalt bändilt. Psychoparadox oli esimene bänd, kes andis välja albumi sõjast laastatud Serbias, taaselustades sealse skene.


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