Panychida - Grief For An Idol

Panychida "Grief For An Idol" CD

Label: Paragon
Released: 2013
Style: Pagan Metal
Country: Czech Republic


1. Dance of the Fiery Stars
2. Two Untouched Moments
3. Krasatina (Grief for the Idol)
4. Wayfarer´s Awakening
5. Don´t Tell Lies to Children
6. Doomsayer
7. O veliji Vezě
8. The Great Dance of Dionysus
9. Love Bombing
10. Minnestund
11. Perchta

Length: 50:10


Panychida´s latest album features bagpipes, choirs, clean vocals, and even a guest appearance from V´gandr (of Helheim / Taake). With mixtures of raw melodic death metal to black n´ roll, this is the bands strongest and most focused song writing to date along with their most powerful production to really make the material hit hard...


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