Põhjast - Matused

Põhjast "Matused" CD

Label: StormSpell
Released: 2015
Style: Epic Viking/Doom Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Till Dawn, Till Death
2. Rune of Dissolution
3. The Graveyard Keeper
4. November
5. In the Shadow of the Glass Cross
6. The Final Lullaby

Length: 32:19


Epic viking/doom answer to early Candlemass. The second studio album by Põhjast, played in by:

Eric Syre (Thesyre, Beast Within) - vocal, solo guitar
Gates (Aghor, Sorts) - guitars
Janne Perttilä (Barren Earth, Rytmihäiriö) - bass
Marko Atso (Metsatöll) - drums


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