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Periphery "Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega" 2CD
Label Century Media
Release date 2015
Style Progressive Metal
Country USA
Price: 16.99 EUR


CD 1 - Juggernaut: Alpha
1. A Black Minute
2. MK Ultra
3. Heavy Heart
4. The Event
5. The Scourge
6. Alpha
7. 22 Faces
8. Rainbow Gravity
9. Four Lights
10. Psychosphere

CD 2 - Juggernaut: Omega
1. Reprise
2. The Bad Thing
3. Priestess
4. Graveless
5. Hell Below
6. Omega
7. Stranger Things

1. Juggerdoc
2. Bonus content


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American prog metal act PERIPHERY presents its newest album.

Two parts - Alpha and Omega - put together = 16.99 EUR.

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