Patte, Indrek - Celebration + Thank and Share

Patte, Indrek "Celebration + Thank and Share" 2x Digipak CD

Label: Strangiato
Released: 2011/2014
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Resurrection
2. Learn To Live
3. The Journey
4. One Way
5. Shine
6. You Stay With Me
7. Mount Megiddo
8. Celebration

Thank and Share:
1. Light Ship
2. Dance In Livland
3. Heaven´s Truth
4. In Your Arms
5. Promises
6. The Servant Soul
7. In Memories
8. Share



2 CD combo. You win 3 EUR (bought separately 9.99 EUR each).

Two solo albums by Estonian singer, multi-instrumentalist and studio producer Indrek Patte – the singer for Led R (the Led Zeppelin tribute band), ex-singer for Ruja and Linnu Tee.


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