Perturbator - Terror 404

Perturbator "Terror 404" Digipak CD

Label: Blood Music
Released: 2012/2015
Style: Synthwave
Country: France


1. Opening Credits
2. Terror 404
3. Savage Streets
4. Payback Pursuit
5. Mirage
6. X-CaliBR8
7. Nightmare Interlude
8. Linnea Quigley Horror Workout
9. John Holmes VHS Nightclub
10. Shadow Force ´84
11. The Darkest Alleys (Final Stage)
12. End Theme



Superb electronic music inspired by cyberpunk culture and with inspiration from movies like "Akira", "Ghost In The Shell" and "The Running Man".

CD in 6-panel digipack, limited to 2000 copies worldwide. Remastered for CD, with brand new artwork by Ariel Zucker-Brull.


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