Pain - Coming Home (Ltd.)

Pain "Coming Home (Ltd.)" Digibook 2CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2016
Style: Industrial/Electronic Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Designed to Piss You Off
2. Call Me
3. A Wannabe
4. Pain in the Ass
5. Black Knight Satellite
6. Coming Home
7. Absinthe-Phoenix Rising
8. Final Crusade
9. Natural Born Idiot
10. Starseed

Bonus CD - Live in Vienna 2016:
1. Same Old Song
2. Zombie Slam
3. Suicide Machine
4. I´m Going In
5. End of the Line
6. It´s Only Them
7. The Great Pretender
8. Dirty Woman
9. Monkey Business
10. Shut Your Mouth

Length: 41:21 + bonus


The long-awaited new studio album from PAIN. Comments Peter Tägtgren: "Musically, the album is a development of where PAIN and LINDEMANN ended at".


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