Paysage d´Hiver - Die Festung

Paysage d´Hiver "Die Festung" A5 Digipak CD

Label: Kunsthall
Released: 1998/2014
Style: Dark Ambient
Country: Switzerland


1. Eishalle

2. Koenig Winter
3. Schneekoenigin
4. Eisprinzessin
5. Prinz Frost

Length: 39:26


A cult one-man ambient black metal band from Berne, Switzerland. The man behind the band is Tobias Möckl aka Wintherr, who also plays in Darkspace. Paysage d´Hiver translates to "Landscape of Winter" – and this is exactly what the band´s music is all about.

"Die Festung" demo was originally released on tape in 1998. In 2014 it was re-pressed on CD by Kunsthall as limited handmade A5 digipak CD.


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