Protector - A Shedding Of Skin

Protector "A Shedding Of Skin" CD

Label: High Roller
Released: 1991/2016
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany


1. Intro
2. Mortuary Nightmare
3. A Shedding of Skin
4. Face Fear
5. Retribution in Darkness
6. Doomed to Failure
7. Thy Will Be Done
8. Whom Gods Destroy
9. Necropolis
10. Tantalus
11. Death Comes Soon
12. Unleashed Terror
13. Toward Destruction

Length: 41:24


Protector from Germany are one of those bands that never really got the attention they deserved. With a sound uncompromising and aggressive like burning sulphur, they should have been ranked among the bigger names in German thrash.

"A Shedding Of Skin" is Protector´s third studio album, originally released in 1991.


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