Protector - Golem

Protector "Golem" CD

Label: High Roller
Released: 1988/2015
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany


1. Delirium Tremens
2. Apocalyptic Revelations
3. Golem
4. Germanophobe
5. Protector of Death
6. Operation Plaga Extrema
7. Megalomania
8. Only the Strong Survive
9. Omnipresent Aggression
10. Space Cake

Length: 37:51


Protector from Germany are one of those bands that never really got the attention they deserved. With a sound uncompromising and aggressive like burning sulphur, they should have been ranked among the bigger names in German thrash.

"Golem" is Protector´s debut album, released in 1988.


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