Poccolus - Poccolus

Poccolus "Poccolus" CD

Label: Supernal Music
Released: 1996/2006
Style: Pagan/Black Metal
Country: Lithuania


1. Vilkolakiai [MySpace]
2. Pakol Dega Lauzai
3. Ugnis Kyla Virs Azuolu
4. Begeyte Peccolle
5. Jie Ateis...
6. Rudens Misko Snabzdesiai
7. Tai Bus Mano Triumfo Valanda
8. Kirsk, Medeine, Kirsk
9. Dvasklajys
10. Untitled

Length: 59:55


Tenth-anniversary re-issue of this lost, obscure gem from the Baltic pagan/black metal scene. Probably the best black metal band to emerge from Lithuania, Poccolus offer us here Burzumic black metal interlaced with sorrowful, Volkisch darkness. This new, fully-remastered edition will come with new artwork, faithful to yet improving on the original, with a 16-page leather-textured booklet, containing lyrics in both Lithuanian and English translation, and the music on golden disc.



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