Pantheon - Aryan Rebirth

Pantheon "Aryan Rebirth" 2CD

Label: Nebelfee Klangwerke
Released: 2005
Style: NS Black Metal
Country: USA


CD 1:
1. Storms of Steel (The Atavism into Ginnungagap pt.4)
2. Aryan Rebirth
3. Nifeltod
4. The Outcast (Of Heathen Blood)

1. Vanangriff
2. Mjollneric Might
3. Decline of the West (Europe will Rise)
4. Walker of the Rope (Plains Drifting Lonewolf Outlaw of the Unchained Frontiers)

1. Müspelsturmsreich
2. A Darkened Sunset Hovers Upon the New Aryaland
3. The Return of He Who Walks with Fire
4. 911 Prelude to Rahowa

CD 2:
1. Iotunkrieg
2. Aciremanic Triumph of the Will
3. The Solemn Godi
4. As the Ice Hammer Falls

Stairwell 88:
1. The Bow Taker
2. Song of Predators and Prey
3. The Crossing of Bifrost by Hjältedod
4. Stairwell 88

OUTRO: Visionary Flight Hugin and Munin (Outro)



Pantheoni näol on tegu ühe tuntuima USA NS-black-metal-bändiga, bänd ise tituleerib end loosungiga "Vinlandic heathen black metal". "Aryan Rebirth" kujutab endast viiest erineva kontseptsiooniga peatükist koosnevat duubelalbumit.


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