Painful Memories - Memorial To Suffering

Painful Memories "Memorial To Suffering" CD

Label: Solitude
Released: 1996/2006
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Russia


1. Memorial To Suffering
2. Why?
3. In My Tomb
4. The Weeping Of Unborn Children
5. Rover Of Sin
6. No One Remains

In My Tomb (live video)

Length: 51:02


The re-release of a legendary album of a band from St.Petersburg - Painful Memories, timed to tenth anniversary since the moment of its creation. "Memorial To Suffering" is a live document that witnessed one of the greatest appearances on the Russian metal scene in the middle of 1990´s, at that time it was released on audio-cassettes with a limited circulation and was circulated by musicians themselves. Now every doom-metal lover has an opportunity to fill his collection with this unique release in form of CD with remastered material and special design.


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