Paths Of Possession - Promises In Blood

Paths Of Possession "Promises In Blood" CD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2005
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Darklands
2. Butcher´s Bargain
3. Bleed the Meek
4. The Second Coming
5. Where the Empty Gods Lie
6. Heart For A Heart
7. In My Eyes
8. Erzsebet
9. Promises In Blood
10. Bring Me the Head of Christ
11. Through the Fiery Halls
12. The Icy Flow of Death

Length: 48:10


Started in 1999, Paths of Possession plays a solid mix of US death/thrash metal, swedish death metal and traditional heavy metal riffs. Band is also known of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher´s (Cannibal Corpse) haunting growls. "Promises In Blood" is one hell of a brutal yet catchy metal album that is sure to ensnare its unsuspecting victims into its malevolent whirlwind of headbanging and fist-pumping metal.


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