Power Quest - Master Of Illusion

Power Quest "Master Of Illusion" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2008
Style: Power Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Cemetery
2. Human Machine
3. Civilised?
4. Kings Of Eternity
5. Master Of Illusion
6. The Vigil
7. Save The World
8. Hearts And Voices
9. I Don´t Believe In Friends Forever
10. Never Again

Length: 53:56


Power Quest celebrates the resurgence of classic power metal. Driving double bass attacks, sweeping melodies, and virtuous solos are bound to speed up everyman´s heartbeat. Catchy hook-lines and top-notch traditional riffs are naturally a part of the deal, thus assuring Power Quest´s induction into the premier league of melodic power metal. A must-have for fans of Dragonforce and Stratovarious.


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