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Pig Destroyer "38 Counts Of Battery" Compilation CD
Label Relapse
Release date 2000
Style Grindcore
Country USA
Price: 11.99 EUR
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1. Deflower [MySpace]
2. Tentacle
3. Yellow Line Transfer
4. Under The Fingernails
5. Elfin
6. Unwitting Valentine
7. Oven (Melvins cover)
8. Three Second Apocalypse
9. Treblinka
10. Fingers In The Throat
11. My Fellow Vermin
12. Endgame
13. One Funeral Too Many
14. Higher Forms Of Pornography
15. Honeymoon
16. Alcatraz Metaphors
17. Flesh Upon Gear
18. Pixie
19. Genital Grinder-Regurgitation Of Giblets
20. Exhume to Consume
21. Burning Of Sodom
22. Delusional Supremacy
23. Alcatraz Metaphors
24. Treblinka
25. Seven And Thirteen
26. Scouring The Wreckage
27. Torquemada
28. Frailty In Numbers
29. Suicide Through Decay
30. Dark Satellites
31. Seven And Thirteen
32. Flag Burner
33. Delusional Supremacy
34. Martyr To The Plague
35. Ruination
36. Synthetic Utopia
37. Monolith
38. Frailty In Numbers

Length: 39:43

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Including all the tracks in remastered form from their debut album "Explosions In Ward 6" as well as tracks from the previous demos, "38 Counts of Battery" shows you Pig Destroyer in their early stages of making music with short, chaotic blasts of grindcore.

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